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Stalag Luft I Online Guestbook

Please feel free to sign our guestbook. We suggest if you are a POW or the family of a POW that you leave your regular mail address as well as your email (as emails change frequently and can be beyond our control), so others visiting may be able to contact you to inquire or share information.

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1,723 Entries
Margaret spybey Email

Name of POW Alexander martin alderson

POW camp Stalagxb (milag marlag nord)

Address 26,hepple court,

City, State, Zip Blyth,NE24 5EN uk

Enjoyed your site quite a lot of information that I didn't know about my late father's experience's. Thank you.

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Donald O. Patterson Email

Name of POW James E. Wicker Col. Ret

POW camp Stalag Luft III

Address 636 Cambridge Rd.

City, State, Zip Augusta, GA 30909

I am a personal friend of James E. Wicker and interviewed him for the Veteran's History Project who was shot down on D-Day taking photos of the rail traffic in Normandy.  Sent to Dulag Luft he remembers Hans Scharff vividly as he already had a folder about me and the name of my leaders.  Hans also had a photo of the plane next to his on the flight line.  After interrogation for a week he was sent to Stalag Luft III.  At a POW meeting after the war he asked Scharff how he got a photo of the plane next to his.  Scharff's reply was we shot down that airplane down and developed the film.  Wicker is listed on Hans Scharff's Log Book in the book The Interrogators.

Jaap Vermeer MDE Email

Name of POW all pows

When you have quistions you can also go to :

Jaap Vermeer MDE

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Bill Mull Email

Name of POW Pvt1st. Lewis Riley

POW camp Stalag XXVIII

Address 969 nw broadway

City, State, Zip Roseburg, Oregon 97471

My Uncle, Pvt1st. class Lewis Riley, was captured in Italy in December 1943 following fighting in North Africa, the INVASION of SICILY, and the SALERNO invasion. He was awarded the Silver Star twice with Oak Leaf Cluster as well as the Purple Heart.

Uncle Lew's letters home from the Stalag speak of the joy and happiness he yearned for on the day he would arrive home again. After 17 months of digging coal for the Third Reich in their slave labor camp known as Stalag XXVIII, there was little left of the young man who went off to war. Joy was found as the featured Tenor Soloist in his local church choir & as their featured soloist when they toured the Upstate N.Y. region. Those occasions were sandwiched in between regular stays in a variety of Psych wards in regional Veterans' Hospitals for PTSD/Shell-Shock/Psycho-Somatic Back pain. He never married the hometown girl he wrote to from prison, and he could not develop close inter-personal relationships. Although crowds and groups upset Uncle Lew very much, performing on stage with the rhythm of the music and the structure of the lyrics was very comforting for him. My Mom and he attended the World's Fair in Seattle which was something he very much desired to see. With her as an understanding companion, that trip went very well whenever he needed to "adjust" due to the crowds and the strangeness of their surroundings.




Address 5317 W. 16TH ST

City, State, Zip PARMA , OHIO,44134


steve tuck Email

Name of POW Sterling l tuck

POW camp Stalag luft 1

Address 917 shed st

City, State, Zip Oviedo , fl 32765

My father was a pow at stalag luft 1. He has a page and story online. If you search Sterling l tuck pow stalag luft 1 it's worth a read. He's 93 and lives in central florida.

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Angela Bailey (nee Murphy) 

Name of POW Stanley Murphy, RNZAF

POW camp StalagLuft 1 & others

My uncle, Sergeant-Pilot Stanley Murphy of the RNZAF was shot down on 28 August 1941 while attacking Morlaix airfield in a Hurricane Mark IIC BD857 with three other pilots from his squadron. Stan evaded capture for three days until he was given up by some French farmers (whose neighbours had recently been shot for harbouring others). He was sent to StalagLuft1 and then moved on to other camps. I have a photo of his group of 10 at Stalagluft 1 in 1942 and I would love to obtain copies of other photos. [NZ40860 Sgt (later Wt Off) Stanley Oldfield John Murphy, born at Bolton, Lancashire, England 16 Feb 22, served with the RNZAF 12 Mar 40 to 7 Jan 46. He was with 247 squadron based at RAF Predannack in Cornwall]

R.Peter Carey Email

Name of POW Richard J. Carey

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 900 N. Lake Shore Dr. Apt. 7C

City, State, Zip Chicago, IL. 60611

Great site and I will be adding some of the information I have about my father's time there.

John Barrows Email

Name of POW Lee F. Barrows

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address Hindenburgstr. 41

City, State, Zip 70825 Korntal, Germany

My father, Lee, was a POW in Barth for two years. He died in a jet crash training in England in 1953. I grew up in Texas and now am a resident of Germany. I greatly doubt that it will happen, but I would be grateful for any information other POWs or other individuals might have on him.

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Mark Fowler Email

Name of POW Lt. Robert L. Fowler

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 7709 John Carroll Dr

City, State, Zip Abilene, TX 79606


My son and I visited Stalag Luft 1 on May 13, 2015 and I was pleased to see several flowers placed around the memorial, including a bouquet of roses from the Mayor of Barth. 

My dad was at Stalag Luft 1 from Christmas 1943 until he flew out of there on May 13, 1945.  

Thanks for this awesome website!

Gary Rugh Email

Name of POW Robert Rugh

POW camp Stalag luft 1

Address 17887 London Rd

City, State, Zip Williamsport, Ohio, 43164

My uncle Robert Rugh from Zanesville, Ohio, B-24 was shot down over France. He was a POW in Stalag Luft 1 till the end of WWII. If anyone has information, i.e. name of his plane, which photo he may be in, please email me.
Thanks for your service!

Susan Markham (nee Fairbank) Email

Name of POW Flt Lt Edward (Fairy) Fairbank

POW camp Stalag Luft 3, Block 112, Room 19


Linda Hall Houle Email

Name of POW Lt. Lloyd L Hall

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 27477 County Road 301

City, State, Zip Buena Vista Colorado 81211

My father was Lt.Lloyd L Hall WWII B-17 pilot he was shot down somewhere over Germany, He spent 501 days as a POW at Stalag Luft one in the South barracks.  I dont know much more than that,he never talked about the war or POW.  My dad passed away October21 1978 from cancer.  I would love to hear from others and their families that might of known my dad.  Thank you very much

Lorene Renshaw Email

Name of POW Corporal John Underhill

POW camp Stalag 4B

City, State, Zip Warwickshire UK

My father was a prisoner of war in Stalag 4B at Mulberg his number 228561. We recently found a Stalag diary of his; dad never spoke about his time there and it is only since he died we found this book. In it he writes about escaping with 5 other men on a march to cross the Elbe. He writes of an Arthur, a 'Slim' and a Bob and my sisters and I would like to know if anyone remembers dad. He wrote of a German farmer Adolf Stegen who took them in and fed them giving them a bed for the night. I did contact that man's daughter to thank the family for their dad's kindness at that time; it was how dad put it about the first real meal with knife fork and spoon. It made me realise how much dignity they must have lost. 

hazel Email

Name of POW wilfred thomas

POW camp stalag xxB

I forgot to say my dad had an american bible in his box how sad that i do not know who it was would like to see this go in a good home

hazel Email

Name of POW wilfred thomas

POW camp stalg xxB

i have loads of photos of my dad in camp need to know how to find out to put them in a museum have photos of him in china burma all over and pow

chip centore Email

Name of POW s/sgt nello centore

POW camp stalg 4 box car to stalg 1

Address 10 garfield st

City, State, Zip enfield ct 06082

Dad flew 492nd Sq 856th bomb group crew 601
shot down 6-20-44
6 pow 4 Kia
thank you a great site learning a little more each day dad passed 2007

Roger Erwin Email

Name of POW Claude Edward Erwin

POW camp Stalag 5 B Villingen Baden 48 08

Address P O Box 84

City, State, Zip Grapeland, TX 75844

Claude E Erwin, my Uncle, 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment, was wounded and captured 09/17/44 and was repatriated 11/27/45. He was reported to have escaped Stalag 5 B and survived by moving at night, hiding during daylight.
If anyone knows of Claude and his service I would love to communicate with you about this wonderful man.
I am a formerly active duty U S Marine, combat veteran of Viet Nam and have a collection of military history of my family. I am very proud of our family service to the United States of America, from my Grandfather, WW I, my Father and his two brothers in WW II, my great uncle a Marine Korea veteran and my brother, an Air Force Viet Nam veteran. Any info about Claude Edward Erwin would be appreciated.

Janet Eilbeck Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Done

Name of POW Sydney Brown

POW camp Barth

Address Sevenoaks

City, State, Zip UK

I am planning to visit Barth first few days of May for the 70 years anniversary of the liberation. I would like to hear from others planning to visit or of events that might be planned. My father was at Barth Sept 44 until liberation.

Bryce Bender Email

Name of POW Marvin H Bender

POW camp stalag luft 1 barth vogelsang prussia 54

Address 3393 nw sedgewick ave

City, State, Zip terrebonne,oregon 97760

Looking for any information on my grandfather Marvin H Bender.

Dr. Bill Grey Email

Name of POW Sgt Frank Grey

POW camp Several, including Stalag XVII B

Address 660 Bonnie Lane

City, State, Zip Orange City, FL 32763

I am writing my Father's story of survival, escape and evasion during WWII He has been most noted for his brief stay at Stalag XVII B, and escape from that POW camp - well documented in the book "The Flamekeepers", by Edward Handy and Kemp Battle.  But.....there is MUCH more to my Father's story of survival.  He was tailgunner with 92nd Bomb Group when shot down.  My Father and I should have completed his story decades ago; unfortunately this did not happen.  He passed away in February, 2006 at 90.  However, I am determined to complete that last mission for him and write his story to the best of my ability.
Any comments or questions are certainly welcomed.
Bill Grey

William T. "Bill" Minor Email

Name of POW Bill minor

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 South Compound

Address 301 S. Cottage Grove

City, State, Zip Kirksville Missouri 63501

As I am 94 years old I expect that most of my fellow POW's are deceased.  If any are yet alive I would like to hear from you.  Best Wishes,  Bill

Traci Montague  Email

Name of POW Francis Montague

Address Glasgow, Scotland

City, State, Zip united kingdom

Looking for help in finding my great uncle Francis Montague,he was in The Black Watch,and he was a private..I also no he was a PoW in 1944, as I have a letter from him,but cannot read the spelling of the camp,it starts with an L thsts all I can make out..

Phillip Pennicott Email

Name of POW Fl Sgt Frederick James Pennicott 1919-89

POW camp Dulag Luft & Stalag Luft I

My father crashed in a Wellington bomber in August 1940 aged 20 and was one of three survivors of the 6 crew. He was the Wireless Operator/Navigator. He was liberated in May 1945 in a USAAF Flying Fortress under Col. Hubert Zemke. His crash injuries, including a smashed left foot, left him entitled to a disability pension. He originated from Watersfield near Pulborough in West Sussex. In civilian life he worked as a News Manager for W H Smith, his only peacetime employer. He married my mother, Vera in 1945 and had twin sons b January 1956 (including me). I am now the only surviving member of this family.  My father was a keen sportsman and I have a treasured picture of him playing in goal in a camp football match. His foot injury prevented him from playing serious sport again as he had a pronounced limp and pain from the several other injuries in the crash. I should be delighted to hear from anyone who knew him but realise this is unlikely as he would now be 95.                              

Brian McDaniel Email

Name of POW T/S Harold L. McDaniel 8th AF 457th BG

POW camp Obermansfeld Ixc

My father was shot down 2 Nov. 44 on the Mersberg raid. He was the radio op in the lead plane. Interested in photos and stories from the POW camp.

Robin Stanton 

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at No

Name of POW Edwin M Stanton

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 6830 227th Lane NE

City, State, Zip Stacy, MN 55079

Dad was a B17 pilot and was a resident of Stalag Luft 1 for 18 months, Liberated at the fall of Germany

James V. Finnell Email

Name of POW Hubert Finnell

POW camp Luft 1, Poland

Address 745 Moore Rd NW

City, State, Zip Charleston.TN. 37310

Proud to have been his son. He loved God and country.

Bob Langner II Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at yes

Name of POW 1st Lt Robert Langner

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 7860 E Benson Hwy #38

City, State, Zip Tucson, AZ 85756

My dad was shot down on 8/13/1944.  I had most of his original documents which I made copies of before I sent them to the National POW Museum in Andersonville, GA.  He had a list of POW's in block 6, room 2.  I also have the missing air crew report.  If anyone would like this info e-mail me and I'll reply with the info as an attachment.  

I joined the American Ex-Prisoners of War because I'm next-of-kin.  If anyone has not joined, PLEASE join.  Let those brave men never be forgotten.

His unit was: 8th AirForce, 94th Bomb Grp, 331st Squadron, Bury St. Edmonds, England

Phyllis MacGowen Email

Name of POW Floyd G MacGowen (MacGowan)

POW camp Stalag Luft I

While my dad was held in captivity, he compiled an album of pen & ink drawings, memorabilia, etc.  It was one of my favorite things to look at when I was a child. After his death in 1995, the book disappeared.  I would love to find it or even remnants of it.  Something is out there somewhere; somebody has something.  I would appreciate it if I get hold of anything pertaining to his book.  Thanks.

Adrian Bowman 

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at None

Name of POW P/O John Charles Bowman

POW camp Stalag Luft III B Sagan

Address !4 Route de la Sarre , Quistiave

City, State, Zip Guern 56310 France

I am enquiring about any known details of my Uncle John (my father's elder brother) now both deceased, who I know was in RAF 83 squadron on Hampden's from Scampton.

He was a P/O air gunner and was in the mid lower gun position when he baled out over Kiel  in 1940.

His nickname may have been "Bowie" as most bowmans got called then. As far as I know he spent the war from 1940 to 1945 in Stalag Luft III-I know this because he once told my father that he was in the same camp as Douglas Bader, who was far from a popular figure with the majority of the prisoners as his goon-baiting antics caused the prisoners to be standing around in the cold,snow and rain for hours at a time.

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Jeanne Finley Crist Kibler Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Yes...partial

Name of POW Daniel Lewis Finley

POW camp Stalag Luft III, North Compound

Address 743 Welsh Run Road

City, State, Zip Ruckersville, VA 22968

Daniel Finley was my uncle.  He was assigned to 357th FG, 364th FS and flew P-51 Mustangs.  On July 29, 1944, he had to bail as a result of engine failure, 5 miles South of Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. He was flying Lt. Salman's wing. He arrived at SLIII on 8/12/44. In early 1945, he was transferred to Nuremburg where he slept in Barracks 116.  He began the Death March healthy.  He arrived in Moosberg in a coma on April 13 and died on April 14.  He was buried in Moosberg and those attending his funeral included Lt. Leroy Henry Sypher, Lt. Sidney Vick Wadsworth, Lt. Vincent Lionel Frost, Lt. Wallace John Reid, Lt. Frank Kalman Gyory.  Lt. Marvin Greenberg was also a friend.  I am looking for anyone who might have information on him.

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Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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Joy Martinez Email

City, State, Zip usa

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Bill Dahnke Email

Name of POW Leonard Dahnke

POW camp Stalag Luft I

I am looking for a photo from the "Don Warren Collection" which appears in the book "Kriegie: An American POW in Germany" by Oscar G., III Richard.  My dad (Leonard Dahnke) appears in this photo.

I have looked everywhere on the web but can't find any of the "Don Warren Collection" photos, including the one with my dad.  I would like to obtain a copy somehow.  If you can help, please email me at


Jill Wicker Gooding Email

Name of POW James R. Wicker

POW camp North Compund 2 Room 3

Address 3417 Horseshoe Bend

City, State, Zip Raleigh, NC 27613

My Dad was in two locations and the email that is connected to the listing is old and not in use.

Judy Henceroth Email

Name of POW Stanley Henceroth

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 3915-1/2 Serene Way

City, State, Zip Lynnwood WA 98087

I'm the eldest child of Stan Henceroth.  He was in North 2, Barracks 3, Room 11. Reading about my dad helps me understand what he and the other POWs and plane crews experienced in WW II.  I'll be glad to answer any questions about my dad that I can.

Patrick Ladner Email

Name of POW Joseph S Berger (Uncle)

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 #4596

Address PO Box 673

City, State, Zip Mayer, AZ. 86333

Hello, My Uncle was shot down in 1943 during the Floresti Raid.  He was a POW until 1945.  I have his AAF items including a German Reichsmark with several names and signatures of the men in his hut.  His Stalag # was 4596.  Any Information on his time in the camp would be appreciated.  I'm a Vietnam Vet that served with the U.S. Navy in the "Brown Water Navy" River Division 594.  I retired from Parachuting Associates in Hollywood Ca. as a senior parachute rigger.  Thanks!  


Peter DeVries Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Donald Koch?

Name of POW Joseph H. DeVries

POW camp Stalag Luft One, North 2, Barracks 1

City, State, Zip Leavenworth, Wa

Joe was my older brother, and trained in Southern California at the Air Force base in Victorville.
He was a bombardier navigator, and was shot down in a B-24.
He was from Holland, Michigan.

Pela Palmer  Email

Name of POW William h. Harris (bill)

POW camp Stalag luft1

Address 2222 so. Center

City, State, Zip Terre haute, Ind.

My father was a prisoner of war from what I can gather before march of 1944 through August 1945. All I have to go by is his letters to and from my grandmother and family. I believe his prisoner number was 3373. He was a navigator not sure with what group or squadron that is on his other letters. The letters I have now are of when he was a prisoner. He passed away of cancer 29yrs. Ago. Reading his letters makes me wonder what his life was like back then when he was in the service. If anyone remembers or knows of him back then it would be great to correspond with you.

Winthrop G Worcester Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at yes

Name of POW Winthrop Sargent Worcester Jr.

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

I appreciate your time and effort pulling this site together!

James Considine Email

Name of POW James Ignatius Considine

POW camp Stalag Luft One

Address 323-1/2 Collins Avenue

City, State, Zip Baltimore, MD 21229

My father was shot down on February 22, 1944.  He was the pilot of a B-17 from the 91st Bomb Squadron, 323rd Bomb Group. The Memphis Belle was an original member of this squadron.
Nine of the ten members of the crew parachuted to safety and were interred at Stalag Luft One. 

debbie gassel Email

Name of POW Henry Peter DelVecchio

POW camp North 3 - Barracks 7 Stalag Luft I

Just looking for information about my dad...he is gone now and never really talked much about his experiences.

hazel sewell Email

Name of POW wilfred thomas

POW camp stalagv

Address poland

i have many photos of my father in the prison camps letters and some storys he told me,he was in the black watch and taken or should i say marched to poland he was trying to help troops get on ships back home d day please has anyone any storys on this time ,thank you

Gloria Hirjak Email

Name of POW Michael Hirjak

POW camp not sure, in Germany

Address 4900123rd Trail North

City, State, Zip Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

All I know is that my Uncle John US Army, I know he received a medal of valor, and I believe a bronze star, was captured by a German soldier, he had Reuger pointed at his head, and was taken into custody and brought to a POW camp, I remember after his rescue, my father, also in the US Army was re-united with him, Im not sure if it was in France or Germany. My father Michael Hirjak was 3 years his junior, and served as a Demolition expert (bridge demo) Army in eastern Europe and Norther Africa, he was a expert marksman. My uncle weighed 121 lbs upon release, he stood 6'2", his life was deluged with heath problems, I am sure due to improper nutrition for such a long period of time, I know that it was by chance that my father was there when my uncle was released and they were reunited, any info anyone?
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