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Chris Email

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Name of POW Sgt. Cecil Kenneth Bays

POW camp Italy?

Address 2232 Suncrest Vlg. Ln.

City, State, Zip Gray, TN 37615

Need information pertaining to my Uncle who captured in Italy and detained as a POW for 3 months. I have no idea hat camp he was in? Any help would be appreciated.

Martha Breen Email

Name of POW Robert Allen (Bucko) Kenny

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 3802-2181 Yonge St.,

City, State, Zip Toronto, ON Canada M4S 3H7

My Father, Robert Allen (Bucko) Kenny from Buckingham Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was a F/O pilot, shot down over Arnham, captured there and then marched through the Netherlands to the German border. From there he was sent to Stalag Luft 1 for the remainder of the war.

If anyone has any information on my father and his experience in Stalag Luft 1 , I would be grateful to hear from from you.

Martha (Kenny) Breen

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Geoff Packham 

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Name of POW Geoff H Packham

POW camp Stalag Luft 1, South, Barrack 10 Room 11

Address Nuns Walk

City, State, Zip Virginia Water, England

DOB 01/27/22

Steven Amar Email

Name of POW Henry (Harry) R. Amar

POW camp Luft Stalag 1 - North 2 Barrack 9 Rm. 3

Address 7409 Cinnabar Terrace

City, State, Zip Gaithersburg, MD 20879


Dad went to be with the Lord in September of 2000. He was so proud to have served with his brave brothers in arms and so honored to have fought for his country.  We would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

Kathy Nissen Email

Name of POW Leland Story

POW camp Stalaf Luft 6, 4, 3, Nurnberg 13D and Moosberg 7A

Address 15

My father didnt talk about his experiences until late  in his life but then had a full page write up in the local paper as well as his story printed in VIP Pilot by Albert T Keeler. He spent 15 mo in the prison camps and was the last surviving member of his crew. He died at 93 on May 29, 2015. 4 of his crew bailed out and the others perished as the plane landed in the Zuider Zee.

Josie Grus Dwyer Email

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Name of POW Louis J. Grus

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Hello All,

Louis J. Grus was my Dad. He left us on October 26, 1993 to be with our Father in heaven.

He was assigned to the 564th Squadron of the 389th Bombardment Group, Eighth Air Force, in England.
He was a navigator aboard a B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber, and was shot down over Germany on December 2, 1944.

His location at the POW camp was North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 13.

If anyone knew my Dad, I would love to hear from you! My email is

I think this website is such a wonderful gift, and way of reaching out to one another.

Peace of Christ,
Josie Grus Dwyer

Robert NorthArmstrong Email

Name of POW 2 Lt John E. Armstrong

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 - North 1

Address 1059 Brightwood Drive

City, State, Zip Aiken, SC 29803

2Lt John Armstrong was my uncle.  He was captured March 8, 1944 and liberated May 7, 1945.  He passed away on December 24, 2015. 

Marie Dillon Email

Name of POW Lt. John J. Farley Jr.

POW camp Stalag Luft I

I am the great niece of Lt. John J. Farley. I have learned more about his military service from this site than I did during his lifetime, and I am grateful for that. Please continue to share.

Jim Wold Email

Name of POW George E. Wold

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 4645 Ewing Ave.

City, State, Zip Minneapolis, Minnesota

P.O.W. North Compound 2 final 7 months. 

Pamela Pine Winslow Email

Name of POW Peter Robert Ian Pine

POW camp several

Address 7344 Millbrook Ave.

City, State, Zip Norfolk, Va., 23505

My father rarely spoke about his war experiences, especially of his 4 years in POW camps.  It is becoming less and leas likely that my siblings and I will learn any more about them.

Arthur Andrew ormsby 

Name of POW George Richard ormsby

POW camp Luft 1 barth germany

Address 8637 hickory dr. , apt d

City, State, Zip Sterling heights , mi 48312

Son of Sgt. George r. Ormsby 603rd sqdn 398th b.g. ,waist gunner b-17g n7l .shot down march 15,1945 oranienburg "Kitty Kay" pilot Andrew Thomas k.I.a.,radioman Anthony buddes k.I.a.,28th combat mission.


Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at It is already posted - South, Block 2, room 3

Name of POW Ed Davidson

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address #301 8860 Villa LaJolla Dr.

City, State, Zip La Jolla,, CA 92037

I have visited and shared your website with many others.
Always good to come back again.
I have some photos of the memorial that was in place in 1992 when I visited Barth; it is different from the one there now.
Please see our local website - for more info about me and my airplane "Little Girls".Also the home page has my story "50 years".
Ed Davidson Sept 11, 2016

Vonnie (Gragg) Anderson Email

Name of POW Sunny Jim Gragg

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Sunny Jim Gragg is my paternal grandfather. He was in the North 1 Compound, barrack 11, room 16.

I would like to be more info. Anything anyone can provide.

We have his journal from the last few days there after the Nazis had deserted the camp in 1945.

Gary Isaacs Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Yes I have Listing Jan 23, 1945-May 45'

Name of POW Norman F. Isaacs

POW camp Stalag Luft #1---Block 305-North 3

Address 112 35th ave nw

City, State, Zip Gig Harbor, WA 98335

I have my Father's POW Diary of his time in
Stalag Luft #1 from Jan. 23, 1945 till his release
in May of 1945.  I have a list of his B-17 crew and his roommate's from Room 2-Block 305- North 3.

He was a Navigator on B-17's from the 388th Bomb Group of the 560th Squadron.  Shot down on a mission over Hamburg on Dec. 31st, 1944.

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Larry H Case Email

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Name of POW Rodolph Case

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 110 Sandstone Drive

City, State, Zip Brandon, Ms. 39047

My brother Rudy kept a diary while in prison camp and I happen to be reading through it  a few days ago and I came across something very interesting. He wrote in his diary about a German Guard shooting a prisoner who went to retrieve a ball which had gone into the no man's land which is an area of ground between the prisoners and the wire fence in the prison yard. Although the airman had asked permission to retrieve the ball a tower guard shot him anyway and then a few days later the same guard beat a prisoner with his rifle butt. This scene was part of the movie "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen and is indicated in one of the notes in your web that this all took place in Stalag Luft III. However, Rudy has written about it in his diary which he made while in prison camp at Stalag Luft I. His diary is now in the WWII Museum in Camp Shelby In Hattisburg, Ms. where there is a display about Rudy and his life in prison. There is also a short story in a book called "Ted's traveling Circus" about his plane being shot down. Rudy was a part of this Bomber group and he was shot down during the Big Week which was the turning point in WWII for air superiority over Europe. If you would like I can send you a copy of his diary as it has been typed up by the Museum as best as they could decipher his writing and I have a copy. I also wonder if the movie Stalag 17 was about Stalag Luft I as Rudy used to talk about all the tunnels they dug and they all made wooden dinner ware to eat with so they could use the metal knives, forks, and spoons that were issued by the Germans as their digging tools. If you have any information relative to these prison camps please let me know as all the stories he told when he came back from the war are so similar to both movies. I have watched them both over and over. There was an interesting TV program just this past week about the P-51 fighter and the important part it played during the Big Week to escort the bombers to and from their targets. Still some did not make it back. The program was put on by National Geographic. I love your web site and I think it is the best on the web regarding the WWII prisoners of war. Please let me hear from you about the camps. Thanks, Larry H Case

Matt Wood Email

Researching history of 576 Sqn RAF, some of whose airmen were interned in SL1.
Pls contact me if you have any details... thank you!

Robin Stanton Email

Name of POW Edwin M Stanton

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Barrack 8 room 2

Address 6830 227th Lane Ne

City, State, Zip Stacy, Mn 55079

My father was a B17 Pilot shot down over Germany I believe in 1944. All on his plane survived, except the Gunner. I know that one crew member reached out to him about a year before he passed on (1980) After the war he went on to work for Honeywell in the Aerospace industry. He worked as a Honeywell Field Support person in support of the first Mariner Mars program with NASA, and was a group leader on Honeywell's development of the first Ring Laser Gyro.

Kathy Lund 

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at no

Name of POW Cyril Patrick Cummings

POW camp I think Stalag Luft

City, State, Zip Lodi wi 53555

My Dad was POW for 9 months in WWII He never talked about it til the last year of his life. He told me some things that I could never fathom being done to humans. He was very proud of his service and the flag meant everything to him. He passed away on Feb. 16,1997. I would love to get as much info about his service record so it can be passed on to our children and grandchildren.
Please contact me if you have any ?'s.
Thank You.
Kathy Lund

Carl Nance Email

Name of POW James W. Nance (hometown was Victoria, Texas)

POW camp Stalag Luft I/North 3 Compound, Barrack 5, Rm12

Address 2650 Cedar Springs Rd., Apt 6641

City, State, Zip Dallas, TX 75201

My Dad, James W. Nance, was a 2nd Lt. In the U.S. Army Air Corp during WWII. He flew a P-47 Thunderbolt in bombing missions over Germany while a member of the 379th Fighter Squadron/362nd Fighter Group. In late December, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, while making strafing run over the marshalling yards at Weilerbach, his aircraft was shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire. My Dad was on the run for several days trying to reach France. However, he was caught by a German Army Officer within just a mile of the French border and was escorted to Stalag Luft I. He remained a POW there until the camp was liberated by the Russians on April 30, 1945.

Marjorie Jones McBride Email

Name of POW Lt. Robert Fisher Jones

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 3 Avenir Ct

City, State, Zip Bristol, RI 02809

My father was a bombardier who was shot down over the English Channel. He was a POW with C Ross Greening and after the war he received the book that was published by Greening, containing his artist's rendering of stories told at the camp. I have 8 of those plates with handwritten notes. The were in my Dad's office until he died. I'd like to donate them but don't know where to go. His last duty station was the USAFA so I suppose they should go there.

James Reid Email

Name of POW Robert E. Reid

POW camp Barth

My dad was a B-17 pilot and was shot down on Sept 12, 1944 and was a pow for @ 9 months in Barth, I am not sure of stalag or any other info. I believe there was another Robert Reid in the camp at the same time, but he was from Virginia, and my dad was from Rhode Island.

John W Sherwood Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at yes

Name of POW 1st Lt. Thomas Paxton Sherwood

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 1060 Brighton Drive

City, State, Zip Seven Valleys PA 17360

Dad was a pilot with Lt. Mullane and shotdown April 13, 1944 over Schweinfurt on his 25th mission in "Our Desire".  He was with the 8th AAF 381st Group 535th Sq. He was liberated from Stalag Luft I May 1945.  He wrote four diary/notebooks while in Stalag Luft I which I have and that I have digitized (among other artifacts).  Feel free to contact me and share your interest.


Michael Murphy 

Name of POW Lt. Patrick J Murphy

POW camp Stalag One

My father was a POW of Stalag One for 18 months. Wondering if any of his colleagues remember him - he passed in 1980.

Melanie Jeske Email

Name of POW James Patrick Hill

POW camp Stalag 1

My Uncle James Patrick Hill was part of the 456th Bombardment Group.  He was a waist gunner on B 24 and was shot down in Hungary -  He was sent to the Hospital Karoly Boulevard Budapest Hungary but the hospital was bombed and he  was then sent to Stalag 1.  However, the last record I can find of him is the time he spent in the Hungarian Hospital..... If anyone has information of James Patrick Hill in Stalag 1 I would be very appreciative.   Thank You

Brad Coutts Email

Name of POW Gilbert Craik Coutts

POW camp Stalag 12A & D

Address 127 Lakeside Drive

City, State, Zip Dryden Ontario

My father just recently pasted away. He was with the Winnipeg Rifles during WW2 and was captured a couple of days after D-Day. I am looking for any information that anyone can provide on these two camps. I would like to visit the sites in the near future.

frank davis Email

Name of POW dick behr

POW camp Luft I

Address P.O. Box 23

City, State, Zip Vernon, MI 48476

My friend Dick Behr was a photographer on a B-17 was held in several Luft prison camps and was liberated by Russians from Luft I which was located near Barth, Germany, and which was where his family originated from prior to WWI.  When the Germans left the camp, one of Dick's friends retrieved his prison record which was on the floor of the commandant's office.  Dick proudly displayed his prison record in his business office.  Dick lived in Detroit, MI prior to the war and died in 2014 and was buried in Arlington Cemetery..  I was disappointed to note that Dick's name is not recorded on this website.

Linda Markley Gorski Email

Name of POW Joseph E. Markley

POW camp Stalag Luft IV and VI

I am glad that my dad survived 14 months as a POW. If he had not, I would not exist today.

Jim Tuberosa Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at None

Name of POW Anthony M. Tuberose

POW camp Luft stalag one

Address 1 Michelangelo St. Apt. #MG03

City, State, Zip Boston, Ma. 02113

My Uncle, Anthony M. Tuberosa was a POW for about the last 15 months of the war. He was a B-17 bomber pilot for the 335th Bomb Squadron of the 95th Bomb Group.
    I was told that one of his fellow POW'S was the man who wrote  the book and movie, Stalag 17. Also, another friend was one of the members of the famous Jimmy Doolittle squadron that bombed Japan. 
    He was a lieutenant then and retried years later as a Lt. Colonel. I've also been told that he was on the board of General Lucian Clay during the Berlin Airlift and was the air officer for the operation. 
   He passed away in 2013 at the age of 95. He was a rather modest man and never really talked about many of his activities during the war but I believe there's much to be learned about his war activities. I've been told HIS unit was the subject of the famous movie "12 O'clock High." His unit was the pioneer in precision daylight bombing which made the D-Day invasion possible. This spurred another famous movie with Clark Gable named "Command Decision." 
  I'd greatly appreciate any information from any relative of  anyone who may have been connected with any of the activities which may be connected with my uncle no matter how remote....Thank you.....Jim Tuberosa

Lewis Wood 

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Unknown

Name of POW Miles C.Wood

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 53742 Hwy. 25

City, State, Zip Vandiver, AL. 35176

I have always enjoyed this website and enjoyed reading about all of the heroes that were held here. My on father passed away in 1996 in the VA hospital in Birmingham, AL. ( Complications due to Alzheimer's disease ). He was
in the South Compound. Would love to hear from any POW that might have met or know him at that time. ( 1944 - 1945 ).

Lewis M. Wood
 ( Son ) 

William Fischer Email

Name of POW John J Fischer, Major

POW camp Stalag I Compound: North 1 Barracks: #3

Address 3 Cherry Oca Lane

City, State, Zip Framingham, MA 01702

I just figured out what barracks my father was in by finding him in the group photo (#9) assuming that is a picture of the POWS from one barracks...the Barrack Commander is identified as Capt John P Carson in the photo - and he is the Commander of Barrack could his barrack #3 be listed as part of the info on the list of POWs  - it is already on list that he is in the North 1 compound
Bill Fischer (son)

William Fischer Email

Name of POW John J Fischer, Capt JD

POW camp Stalag Luft I Compound 1

Address 3 Cherry Oca Lane

City, State, Zip Framingham, MA 01702

Hi - Today would have been my Dad's 102 birthday and am visiting the Stalag Luft I to remember this critical part of his journey through life. He passed away in 2008 at 94.  He as shot down flying a P-47 that was escorting a bomber group on January 29th 1944 and was wounded from sharpnel in his left leg when his plane was shot up.
      He had graduated already from Fordham Law School and I do remember stories of him telling us he was in a lawyer role with some of the prisoners when dealing with the German authorities. I also recall that he lost more than 40 pounds in his time at Stalag Luft I

Fred blackburn Email

Name of POW Roy blackburn

POW camp North 3 compound barrack 1 room12

Address 701 n Chicago st

City, State, Zip Sidell il 61876

Roy was my uncle. He passed away in 2009 in Austin tx. He was my here ,next to my father, Roy's brother.

Blake Stones Email

Name of POW Richard W Stones

POW camp Stalag 1

City, State, Zip Palatine, IL

Richard Stones  B17 Gunner
Lives in Palatine, IL

Stalag 1
North 3
Barracks 8
Block 308
Room 9

Allan Bardon Email

Name of POW William Clifford Bardon

POW camp Dulag Luft 12

Address 1717 Roscoe Howey Rd

City, State, Zip Waxhaw NC 28173

My great uncle was shot down with Okey, in the Stubborn Jean.
He survived but lost both legs in the jump. He passed away in 1971.

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Melody Woodall-Smith Email

Name of POW Wallace Louis Tyner

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address Portstraat 19

City, State, Zip Schelle, Belgium 2627

My grandfather spoke often of his time as a POW but unfortunately I was quite small and as a child didn't listen as well as I should have. I know he was a B24 pilot and was shot down. From seeing his picture here with Group 59 it tells me what camp he was in. Would love to learn more! He always spoke of writing his memoirs, but sadly Alzheimer's took him many years ago, which is very sad as he was the smartest man I've known!

Lindsey Breckenridge Email

Name of POW W.L. Breckenridge (Wilmer)

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 7629 Suqualena Drive

City, State, Zip Meridian, MS 39305

W.L. Breckenridge was my Grandfather.  388th Bomb Group 560 Squadron   Flight Engineer on the OlsonV crew.    Shot down Sept 28, 1944 on mission to Merseburg.    He was taken POW to Stalag Luft 5 then moved to Stalag Luft 1. 

Robin Stanton Email

Name of POW Edwin M stanton

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 6830 227th lane NE

City, State, Zip Stacy, MN

My Father was a B17 Pilot. Captured, I believe in 1944. Liberated when Germany fell.

Sarah Schramm Email

Name of POW William Effinger

POW camp Stalag 1 north 3 barracks 8 block 308 rm 12

Would love to hear from any other pows that were in the same room as my grandfather.

Linda Tevault Email

Name of POW Robert (Bob) L.Stephens

Address 315 E. Ridgeview

City, State, Zip Elberfeld, IN 47613

My father was 101st Screaming Eagle and captured by the Germans.  He hasn't told us much but that he marched at night and was held by the Germans at a resort.  He survived with 26 bullet holes including his left hand was shot up.  He said he cut the fellow soldiers hair.  He will turn 90 in couple of days.  If anyone has any information, please email me.  thanks

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Marianne Chapman Souders Email

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Name of POW Richard (Dick) Grimm Chapman

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 2799 Bachman Court

City, State, Zip 21102

I too never got to hear he stories and am searching for answers as well. Great site and Thank you!

Ronnie Williams Email

Name of POW Arthur C. Williams Jr

POW camp Stalag 4B Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13

Address P.O. Box 191

City, State, Zip Jennings, Louisiana 70546

My Father was in the 82nd Airborne and was captured June 7th. He parachuted in the night before D Day.  He has never said much about any of this and was just trying to find how he got to Stalag 4B Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13 from Normandy.

David Yatsko Email

Name of POW S/SGT John Albert Yatsko (Serial# 35351914)

POW camp Stalag Luft VI & IV

Address 14579 Chamberlain St.

City, State, Zip Mission Hills, CA 91345

My Father, John Yatsko, was an 8th AF, Flight Engineer, Top Turret Gunner on a B-24. 448th Bomb Group, 715th Bomb Squadron flying out of Seething, England. He was shot down on February 21, 1944 and interred at Stalag Luft VI. He endured the Heydekrug Run to Stalag Luft IV. In February, 1945, he endured the 86 day "Black March".

Nell Kristie  Email

Name of POW Eugene Kristie 'Gene'

POW camp Stalag 12A

Hello everyone,
My Grandfather Gene Kristie (101st Airborne Division) was a POW at Stalag 12A. He is long passed but I am trying to collect as many clues about him and his experience in the POW camp. He passed when I was very young, so these stories are some of the only stories I will come to know. If any one has any information, please help me understand and appreciate my grandfathers service. Anything will help!

He is pictured on this website In the group photos, in Group 12. He is in the second seated row, the first man on the left. 
Thank you again.

Nell Kristie
Granddaughter of a Hero. 

Susan Corley Mewborn Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Charles D "Rock" Mercer

Name of POW John E Corley

POW camp Stalag Luft IV

Address 5150 Sunset Boulevard

City, State, Zip Lexington, SC 29072

I learned only a few things from my Dad before he passed away in 2004. Just things I overheard him discussing when Rock Mercer and he would get together. I would love to hear from the Mercer family or anyone else who had a connection with my father. Thanks for a wonderful site.

Thomas J. Stoll Email

Name of POW Nicholas A. Cannata

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Nicholas A. Cannata was my Grandfathers brother. He passed away a few weeks ago... He was @ Stalag Luft 1 in March of 44' for 15 months. Here is his obituary. He was 93 years old... Nicholas A. CANNATA 

CANNATA, Nicholas A. 

93, of Port Richey, passed away Aug. 30, 2015. Nick was born in Passaic, NJ. He served

26 years in the US Air Force during which time he was a prisoner of war for 15 months.

He was a member of St. James the Apostle Catholic Church; Knights of Columbus of St. James 3rd Degree, Knights of Columbus of Our Lady Queen of Peace 4th Degree; an avid

member of St. lames the Apostle St. Vincent de Paul Society; St. Jude Medal recipient; past commander of VFW Post #7845 and a member of Ex-POW Florida Chapter 1. He is survived by his wife, Josephine; son, Robert (Carol); daughter-in-law, Sherry; 7 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by his son, Joseph; daughter, Jeanette; 5 brothers and 2 sisters.
- See more at:

Roger Gordon carpenter Email

Name of POW Horace Gordon carpenter

POW camp Stalag ?

Address Poland

i know he belonged to the club and went to meetings or social gatherings. I no nothing my father never talked about the time he spent in a pow camp. He was a flight navigator and Sargent they were not shot down but ran out of fuel as far as I am able to gather.
would like to get more information if possible.
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