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Eddy Smythe Email

Name of POW John Henry Smythe

POW camp Stalag 1

Address High Street

City, State, Zip Chinnor, OX394DJ

John Henry Smythe QC, OBE, MBE (Mil) was my father. He was however from Sierra Leone, West Africa and not South Africa as listed.

Thank you so much for providing such valuable and interesting information regarding this important period of our history.


Tim Rees Email

Name of POW William John Bull (Bill) RAF

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 & Fallingbostle et al

John William Bull. Shot down in a Whitley Bomber, 58 squadron. 10/11th September 1940. RAF. 

If you ever come across any info please do let me know, thanks. 

I've put some of his stories on Medium.


Interesting stories on this site.  Many I have heard or read in Night by Elie Weisel.

Susanne Meinl Email

Name of POW George R. Klare

POW camp Barth

I am searching the family of former POW George R. Klare ("The haunting memories of war".
The mail adress on this side is not valid anymore.
Can somebody help me?


Name of POW James W. Hutchison

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 18826 Soundview Drive N.W.

City, State, Zip Stanwood WA 98292

My dad, Jim Hutchison, was in North Compound, room 3.  His nickname was "Red."  I think I see him in the third picture in the top middle.  I just visited Barth and the site of the camp.  I cried when I saw the church.  My dad died 12 years ago.  He was a friend of Sterling Tuck.  

Gillian Prince Email

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Name of POW Edward Chainey

POW camp Stalag VIII B 344 Lamsdorf


My Great Uncle was captured in North Africa, sent to an Italian camp then transferred to Lamsdorf. He was taken on the Long March and eventually made it back home via a long stay in hospital to recover.

He never spoke about his experience.


Bill Tucker Email

Name of POW No POW

Barb & Mary,  Your website is amazing, and you should be very proud of your efforts! It's my fault that I've not seen it sooner...I don't get on FB as often as I should & I think I miss some things. I thank Fletcher for leading me to your website. All my best,  Bill

Davidbanks Email

Name of POW James N Hentges

POW camp Stalag1

City, State, Zip Santa Ana California

I am a hobbyist disabled writer trying to keep the USAAF alive along with the memories of crews. I have most pieces but I haven’t anything what James done or endured in his incararation from 5/12/1944 to his liberation 25/4/1945 . He was a bombardier aboard a B-17 called Green Weenie.i have his story of before and after but not when in stalag 1 can anyone help me please.
Thankyou David

Joanne Pontes Email

Name of POW James Russell Boren

POW camp Stalag Luft 1


City, State, Zip PearlCity

My Dad was with 8 th Air Force stationed in England Copiloted B17 Fortress and on his 8th Mission Shot Down captured as POW. Stalag Luft 1 near Barth Germany. He flew “Hank from Dixie” I don’t have picture of airplane sadly. He was a High School teacher and lead his prison group to read literature ordered from Red Cross. He was our Hero and retired 22 years as Major in Air Force. Married 43 years 2 daughters 1 son & 4 grand kids 1 great grand daughter.
Dad semi retired as he went back Sub teaching 29 yrs Hawai’i and lived lovely life until age 82 with my Mother Reiko Boren originally from Japan. Laid rest in Kaneohe Veterans Cemetery.

Aloha & Mahalo if I can share some pics send me link

Much Thanks JoAnne Pontes
Retired Pearl Harbor, Hi Teacher

Virginia DiRosario 

Name of POW Ysaye Di Rosario

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 21 Jordan Road

City, State, Zip Plymouth, MA, 02360

Thank you for all the information and updating. Finding very little and no pics of my father.

Julie Adams Schuneman Email

Name of POW Claude T Adams

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 4423 Richmond Park Court

City, State, Zip jacksonville, fl 32224

I'm delighted to find this site!  I have original photos of the groups of POWs and had always wanted to find out who they are!  My dad is already identified in his pic.  I'm planning to take the photos and donate them to the national POW museum in Andersonville, GA 

Sam Liming Email

Name of POW Charles Abel

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address P.O. Box 688

City, State, Zip Reedsport, Oregon 97467

Good friend of mines dad.  I have collected a lot of info for the family.  Need all I can get from the camp.

Melanie Watson Email


POW camp Stalag Luft 1 - North 3

Address 20205 Brightwood Court

City, State, Zip Yorba Linda, CA 92886

My grandfather Jim Hentges was a Bombardier. They were shot down on Dec 05, 1944. MACR 11343.
He was sent to Stalag Luft 1 - North 3 Camp.
He was assigned on Oct 10, 1944 to the 8th AF, 96th BG (h), 339th BS stationed at Snetterton Heath Airfield.
He spoke only once to my father about his last mission #738 (Berlin). It was the crews 7th mission. He flew with the same crew but different B-17’s. The one they were in on this day was #43-38644 “Green Weenie”
He and the pilot, Monroe S. David, spoke every year on Christmas as well as sporadically throughout the year. After reading about Christmas 1944 in this site, I understand why it held an even more important day to them. Brotherhood.
My grandfather passed away on Father’s Day, June 15, 1980 from complications of Lung Cancer.
I am finally trying to put all the pieces together of my grandfathers WWII Experience. It has truly been an eye-opening, emotional experience for me.
Thank you for this site. And if anyone has any crew updates, pictures or stories about my grandfather and his crew, please contact me at the address listed above.

Teresa Email

Name of POW Lyle D. Camp

POW camp Stalag 17B

Address 450 River Road

City, State, Zip Norfolk, NY 13667

My great Uncle Lyle was a US Army POW from 8/26/44 to March-April 1945, initially at Stalag 7A, Camp Limberg, Germany before transferring to Mosseburg.

I have come across his A Wartime Log and would like to connect with others.

Thank you.

David L. Morrison Email

Name of POW William W. Moller

POW camp Stalag 2

Address 304 Cortez Ave

City, State, Zip Hurley, NM 88043

I have come into possession of WWII POW and B-24 Navigator, William W. Moller's personal family and military memorabilia and shadow-box. I am wanting to connect with anyone who may have known him or any surviving family members to coordinate a return of these treasured family heirloom items. I can be reached at 575-654-0320.

Mike Thomas Email

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Name of POW Harry t Johnson

POW camp ??

Address 1286 Duluth street

City, State, Zip 15234

My uncle was a tail gunner in the 379th .
Shot down over cologne Germany and spent the rest of the war in a camp.

Robert Kent tuck Email

Name of POW Sterling

The best dad I could have had .taught me so much.luv ya .dad .

Deb Wittner Email

Name of POW Glen J. Rhodes

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address PO BOX 26184

City, State, Zip Colorado Springs, CO 80936

First, let me say how excited and grateful I am to find this very informative site. I commend whomever has put this together, as I'm sure it has been no small undertaking, given the amount of information on here!
I'm in search of information about my dad, Glen J. Rhodes, a Lieutenant from Idaho. I found him on this site by doing an alphabetical search, but not in the regular listings. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I am attempting to gather more info about Dad's time as a POW. I do have some documents for him that I will share here when I have more time.
Thank you again! More info coming. Deb Wittner

Melanie Watson Email

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Name of POW James (Jim) N Hentges

POW camp Stalag Luft I, North 3

Address 20205 Brightwood Court

City, State, Zip Orange, CA 92886

My grandfather James (Jim) N Hentges was born 12/09/1923 in LeMars, Iowa.

He enlisted at age 18, and in Oct 1944, was assigned to the eighth AF, 3rd BD, 45th CBW, 96BG (Heavy), 338th BS (QJ).
On He was stationed at Snetterton Heath Air Field (BX-A), in England.

He was a 2nd Lieutenant, Flight Officer and Bombardier on the B-17G #43-38644 “Green Weenie”.
Production Block B-17G-90-BO Fortress.
The Tail Marker was the letter “C” inside a square.

According to MACR #11343 Green Weenie
On Dec 5, 1944, they were on what I believe to be mission #728 over the European Theater.
Targets were: Berlin Weapons Works & Munster Rail Yards;

Flying in bad weather, with cloud coverage and little visibility, the B-17 was struck by flak and eventually the plane went down near Berlin, SE of Parchim, Germany.

All 10 Crew members survived and were POW.
My grandfather was sent to Stalag Luft I, North (3) and released around April 1945.

PILOT: Monroe David
CO-PILOT: Gene Mench
NAVIGATOR: Ira Halverson
BOMBARDIER: James (Jim) Nicklos Hentges
(Some documents show as: Jim N Hantges)
RADIO OPERATOR: Francis McCormick
WAIST GUNNER: Jim Dickenson
TAIL GUNNER: Jack Spadafino.

Janet Puckett Email

Name of POW Robert D Puckett (1st Lt.)

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address p.o. box 182

City, State, Zip Laporte, CO 80535

My Father was a B-17 pilot with the 8th Air Force, 379th BG, 527th squadron. He was shot down on his 25th mission, on the way to Zeitz I think. They had to bail out somewhere near Frankfurt. Nov. 1943. I have an article he wrote about his experience, but like as much more info possible. He died in 2006, would not talk about his experience.

david mcgee Email

Name of POW 1st Lt. Glaudio "Clyde" Schelfe

POW camp stalag luft 1

City, State, Zip Clymer PA

Held for 6 months until the camp was liberated.

Franci Faris Neel  Email

Name of POW Earl Miller Faris

POW camp Stalag Luft I and III

Address 3264 South Heather Gardens Way

City, State, Zip Aurora, CO. 80014

1st Lt Earl M. Faris was my Uncle. He served as a Navigator on a B-7 crew, 398th Bomb Group, 602 Squadron and was shot down sometime in early 1944, parachuted out near Sagan (Zagan), Poland since he spent a good amount of time as a POW in Stalag Luft III, celebrating his 28th birthday in captivity as evidenced in a letter received by his Mother dated July 11, 1944. His time as a POW he relayed with movies brought in by the YMCA and also baseball equipment for tournaments between the POWs, plus shows put on by the other “kriegies” as he put it. Liberated from Stalag III in January of 1945, he was moved to Stalag I which was liberated by the Russian Army in May, 1945, and again moved to Camp Lucky Strike in LeHarve, France until he was returned to the United States. He lived in California with his wife, Lucille and boys, Alan and Keith, until we lost him July 24, 1998. My brother was named David Earl Faris, our father Lloyd Faris was Earl’s brother in Colorado, and since they had learned of Earl’s capture by the Red Cross just previous to David’s birth, they instantly decided to give him Earl’s name. We would love to hear of any remembrances anyone has of Earl, knowing that most would be in their 90s, but also appreciate all our men did for us during this time, and are also appreciative of their treatment in these camps.

Georgia Turetsky Sparks Email

Name of POW Samuel Turetsky

POW camp Kriegsgefangenen Lager Stalag Luft IV Deutschland Germany

Address 1937 Boardwalk Avenue

City, State, Zip Prescott AZ 86301

My father Samuel Turetsky was a waist gunner on a B17 called the Shack Rat, and was shot down on 29 July 1944 over Germany. After a hospital stay, he was taken to Stalag Luft IV, where he was until 6 February 1945. At that time the prisoners were marched out of camp; a death march that continued for 87 days and covered over 1,000 kilometers. 

Terri Orr Livingston Email

Name of POW Curtis E Orr

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Barth-Vogelsang Prussia 54-12

My father Curtis E Orr was a POW in Stalag Luft 1. His name is not in the main list of prisoners. I located him in a photo under "Group Photos of the men at Stalag Luft I - Can you identify someone in these photos?
He is in Photo 29. Bottom far right seated. He was a 1st Lieutenant of the Army Aircorp. Trained in Hondo, Texas. His plane was shot down in September 1944 over France. Liberated in May 1945. If anyone has any information about him it is greatly appreciated. He passed away in January of 1981. 

Robert Rick Jr Email

Name of POW Robert Rick

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Vogelsang Prussia 54-12

Address 689 Main St

City, State, Zip Fiskdale, MA 01518

I signed the guest book as my father was shot down and taken prisoner.  I do not see my signing.

Robert Rick Jr Email

Name of POW Robert Rick

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Prussia

Address 689 Main St

City, State, Zip Fiskdale, MA 01518

My Dad was shot down during his first mission.  He was held prisoner till the end of the war.  My Dad went on to live a good life and had 2 sons and 2 daughters all of Massachusetts!  Thank you for this site!

Jim Tuberosa Email

Name of POW Anthony M. Tuberose

POW camp Luftstalag One

Address One Michelangelo St.

City, State, Zip Boston, MA. 02113

I'd welcome any, and all, communication with relatives of that Stalag.....Even just for friendly communication that may, or may not lead to any further information.....Thank You......
      Jim Tuberosa.......
P.S. My Uncle's last name was changed to end in an "E" instead of an A" because it sounded non-Italian and the United States was at war with Italy......he would have been in severe danger from the enemy of captured and considered a traitor....."J

Robert Rick Jr Email

Name of POW Robert Rick

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Barth-Vogelsand Prussia 54-12

Address 689 Main St,

City, State, Zip Fiskdale, MA 01518

Looking for anyone who might have known my Dad.

Lisa Young Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at New York

Name of POW 1st Lieutenant Willis Harold Young, Jr

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 333 W 57th St, Apt 3J

City, State, Zip New York, NY 10019

My father was a Co-Pilot flying a B-24 Liberator with the 8th Army, 448th Bomb group out of Seething.  He had previously been with the 489th in Halesworth.  He was shot down on January 13, 1945 and held at Stalag Luft 1 until the liberation.

Charles Elliott Email

Name of POW Elliot, Fred B. LT

POW camp stalag luft 1

Address 4227 S E Dorchester Dr

City, State, Zip Lawton, Ok. 73501

Elliot, Fred B. was my father 

passed away in 1987 at the age of 71

Last name miss spelled


Name of POW Roy Estil "Sarge" Evans

POW camp Stalag Luft One, Room 4

Address 258 Delane Flora Road

City, State, Zip Bowling Green, Ky 42101

My father, Roy Estil "Sarge" Evans was a POW in Stalag Luft One, Room Four from the best I can tell from a POW calendar I found from January 1945 until April or May 1945. There is a list of other names who were in that room or camp with him. He was injured in the camp around January 18, 1945, for which he received a Purple Heart. My father never spoke about being a POW. I only have his calendar and discharge papers. I know he fought in the Battle of the Bulge for which he had severe frostbite on his feet. He was in the 589th Field Artillery Batallion. I would love to have more information, but keep coming up with dead ends.

Alex Mitic Email

Name of POW Krsta Mitic

POW camp Villingen V B

City, State, Zip Kalbarri 6536 Western Australia

Just wondering if I could more information about that
Stalag as well as my Dad.
He's passed away in 1981.

Dawn Hodenius Bradford Email

Name of POW Frank Hodenius

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 804 S M St

City, State, Zip Lake Worth, Fla 33460

Frank Hodenius is my Grandfather.

William Bosier Email

Name of POW Harry William Bosier

POW camp Stalag Luft #1

Address 320 East Viewcrest Drive

City, State, Zip Azusa, CA 91702

Harry was a tail gunner on a B-24 heavy bomber carrying incendiary bombs on a mission to Hamburg when they were shot down by German fighters and he bailed out. He was captured by German submariners and taken to jail where he found three other of his crew. They were marched across Germany to Stalag Luft #1 and was in Compound 3 North until they were liberated by the Russians. 

Doug Smith Email

Name of POW Everett P. Musselman

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Everett was my uncle.  I'm researching his time as a POW.  If anyone has information about him or his crew, B-24 41-28611, please feel free to email me.

Gary Hamilton Email

Name of POW Robert C Hamilton

POW camp West

Address 56/31 Halifax Street

City, State, Zip Adelaide

What an impressive compilation of information.

On the 21th March 1945 my father Robert (Bob) Hamilton piloted a P51-Mustang registration KH-446 escort to a number of Mosquito Bombers participating in “Operation Carthage”, otherwise known as “The Shell House Attack”.

On his return the aircraft  was hit by flak and he was forced to crash land near
Lønborg in Denmark. It was less than 1 km from a German observation post at Sortehøj so he soon became a POW.

He was transported to Stalag Luft 1 in Bath Germany and held as a POW until his release.

My father, (now deceased) was a farmer, sheep grazier in Violet Town Victoria AU. He died on 30th December 1984 at the age of 62 years.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew of him during his time as a POW.

I am thrilled to read, look at and watch the great resource of information made available on this website.

Thank you 
Gary Hamilton

Samantha Klosowski Email

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Name of POW Samantha Glunt

Hello! Hoping someone could help me out! My grandmother was taken from Romania by the Germans during WWII. Her naturalization papers say she was in Damgarten, Germany for 3 years and was held in a camp. She’s about to be 94 years old and unfortunately it’s hard to get a clear answer out of her as to the name of the camp. I’ve searched all over the internet and I can’t find anything about there being a camp. Can anyone help me?!

Brian Trumpower Email

Name of POW Gene S. Trumpower

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

City, State, Zip Taneytown, MD 21787

My father, Gene, is listed as being in the South Barracks. His rank was a Corporal and was kicked up to Sgt. while a POW.  He's id'd as being from FL, but was from Reisterstown, MD.  He was a waist gunner on a B-24, his first mission. He currently lives in Gettysburg, PA.

Christopher L Gill 

Name of POW Lt. Donivan Runshe

POW camp Stag Luft 1

Lt. Donivan Runshe was a longtime friend and Church member of my Father and Our family from Edinburgh Indiana. I am here to honor his memory and I am doing research for writing an article for my Local history FB page/blog 

Gary Jankowiak Email

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Name of POW Robert E. Jankowiak

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 6291 Armor Rd

City, State, Zip Orchard Park, N.Y. 14127

Robert Jankowiak and crew were downed by Anti aircraft fire on 3/24/45 plane # 44-6478, 381st bomb group mission # 277 out of Ridgwell England. MAC report 13606. 5 crew POW, 4- KIA
Crew members:
2nd Lt Robert E Jankowiak....Buffalo, N.Y. - POW
2nd Lt Philip R Roche...San Diego, Ca. - KIA
2nd Lt William D Garrett..Hillsdale, Mi - POW
2nd Lt Herbert H Levenson...Dorchester, Mass. - KIA
S/Sgt Oscar J Moberg...Oak Park, Il - KIA
S/Sgt James McGrath...Bar Harbor, Maine - POW
Sgt John W Hensley...Muskogee, Ok - POW
Sgt Paul L Berger...Frackville, Pa. - KIA
Sgt Stanley E Beschta...Appleton, Wisconsin - POW
Would like to find a photo of this plane, or correspond with crew family members.
I do have a crew photo, I believe was taken in the states.
Robert (Bob) was my father.

George Feindel Email

Name of POW Raymond O'Connor

POW camp Stalag Luft I ?

Address Po Box 12121

City, State, Zip Rock Hill, SC 29731-2121

Looking for any information on Raymond O Connor, former POW. Thought to have been at Stalag Luft I, based on information found in his personal papers and the Missing Aircrew Report # 9025. Staff Sgt O Conner was shot down on Oct 4th 1944 over Munich, Germany. He was a crew member on " Butch M Love, B24 serial number 42-78340. The B24 was assigned to 464th Bomb Group, 778th Bomb Squadron, 15th AAF.Two other members of his flight crew are listed as POWs from Stalag Luft I, Walter Spindler ( South Barracks Luft I), Stanley Pavelecky ( North 3 Barracks). Note Pavelecky's last name is misspelled on the POW Stalag Luft I list. All of my info comes from either a notebook that O Connor made as a POW and the MACR #9025 report. There are 30 names listed in O Connor's note book as being POWs, only 2 of those names match up to Stalage Luft I.

Nancy Smith Email

Name of POW Sam Webster

POW camp Bari, Chieti, escaped from Sulmona

Address 130 Middle St

City, State, Zip Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

My father, Sam Webster, was a Lt in the US Army in the 1st Armored Division, 1st Armored Regiment, Company C and was part of the TORCH invasion.  He was a platoon leader of light tanks.  He was captured in December 1942 near Terbourba and sent to Bari and then Chieti where he was imprisoned until the Italian Armistice when the Germans took over the POW camp.  He and Capt. Bill Harrison escaped from Sulmona (PG 78) when they were being moved and were hidden by an Italian family in Pacentro, Italy before they began a 34 day walk through the Appennines to rejoin the Allies.

George Waldroup Email

Name of POW Marvin M. Waldroup

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 10720 S. Golfview Drive

City, State, Zip Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

My father, Lt/Cpt Marvin M. Waldroup was a POW at Stalag Luft 1.  He was the co-pilot of a B-17F named "Ther-N-Bak" that was shot down in November 1943.

I am trying to contact with Melanie Martin who inquired about my father on this website on 10/20/2008 stating she had obtained a wartime log book written by him.  There was no email link for her on the website.

Also, if any others have information about LT/Cpt Marvin Waldoup, please contact me.

Vicki Gershon Email

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Name of POW Harold Gershon

My father Harold Gershon USAF was a prisoner at Stalag Luft I. All I know is that he was there when they were liberated by the Russians in 1945. I would love more information.

Phil Ruble Email

Name of POW Roy Clark Ruble

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

City, State, Zip Siloam Springs, AR

Roy Ruble was my uncle and his entire group of three P47’s were shot down while strafing a train in Germany. A few of the train cars had hidden anticraft guns with sides that dropped down when my uncle began strafing. His P47 was hit and he crash landed, survived (injured) and the other two pilots crashed and died. He was captured and spent the rest of the war in Luft 1. He spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. One of the many ways he managed to cope with solitary comfinement was playing solitare with playing cards made from toilet paper. He rarely spoke about the war or his time in prison camp until he was in his 70’s. He mentioned that when they were liberated from camp at the end if the war, the doctors and nurses gave them a diet that would slowly bring their weight back up since he had lost so much weight. At least one of the guys he knew went into town to a Red Cross tent and got donuts. One of them tragically died from eating donuts (way to rich for his emaciated body).
Unfortunately, we do not know what barracks Roy Ruble was in. All we know is that he was in Stalag Luft 1, Barth-Volgelsang Prussia 54-12. We would appreciate if anyone knew of him or knows what barracks he was in. He was living with his parents before he enlisted in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. When he came back to the states, he became a pharmacist, got married, had one son and lived in Moberly, Missouri. He passed away in 1997

Hugh Fynn 

Name of POW Terence Hugh Fynn

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 32 Grotto Rd. Rondebosch, 7700

City, State, Zip Cape Town South Africa

My Dad was a Lancaster bomber pilot in 44 (Rhodesian) Squadron. He was shot down in September 1944 while on a raid of Stuttgart. He died in September 2004.  On the fateful night a new pilot who had just joined the Squadron, John Berrington, asked if he could fly his compulsory first operational flight with my father as he was a fellow Old Georgian, from St George's College in Salisbury, Rhodesia and a former classmate of my father's youngest brother. Dad's crew said that it was a bad omen and my father should turn John Berrington down. Dad told them not to be superstitious and accepted John as his 2nd pilot.  They were on a night raid and moving in on the target area at about 28 000 ft. when they took what must have been a direct hit. the way my father descibed it was that the joy stick went limp in his hands and the plane went into a dive. He saw his navigator fall into the bomb aimer's position below the pilot. As the Merlin engines were reaching fever pitch there was an almighty thump and my father passed out momentarily. When he regained consciousness there was silence all around and he thought that this was the afterlife. He then realised that he was in free fall. He always flew in his parachute's harness, even though it was uncomfortable as he felt that it would be unlikely in an emergency that he would have time to put it on. He pulled the rip cord and made a soft landing in a ploughed field. He hid up overnight in a hay stack, took off his RAF insignia and waited until the workers in the field were knocking off to try to appear as one of them. He was hailed by the farmer who he just waved at, but the fellow ran over to him, remonstrating. My father realised that his time was up and indicated to the farmer that he was "Luftwaffe" at which the farmer got a huge fright, regained his composure and told my dad to put his hands up. He marched him to a pub in the town to show his mates before turning him over to the SS. Dad was kept in solitary confinement for a number of days while he was cross examined. After about two weeks he was put in a cattle truck and railed to Barth Pommerania over a couple of days and spent a year as a POW in Stalag Luft 1. Subsequent to my dad's death a niece of his wireless operator investigated the German war records when they were made public. She found that on that night the pathfinders had laid the flares short of the target and were making a second attempt at laying them. My father's plane was at a greater altitude and took what seems to have been a direct hit and was plummeting towards the earth. As it did so it had a mid-air collision with one of the Lancaster pathfinders. atwo of the pathfinders crew ended up in my Dad's fuselage and vice versa. Where the pathfinder hit the deck the incendiaries burnt with such intensity that the soils is still infertile. Where my father's plane went in with its full bomb load there is a crater next to a house. My father was the only survivor out of both crews.

Steven Hicks Email

Name of POW Crawford E. Hicks

POW camp Stalag Luft IIIA

Address 335 Chesterfield Ave

City, State, Zip Nashville, TN 37212

My father is now 97. I am preparing his memoirs and need a good map of POW camps in Germany.  

May I use a copy of one of your maps?

Steve Hicks

Luke Howard Email

Name of POW T/Sgt William M. Howard

POW camp Stalag Luft IV

My father was a flight engineer and gunner on a B-17 shout down in August, 1944. He died in 1975 but had told me he was in a camp in or near Poland. I was able to find his name on a roster for this camp.

Bruce Email

Name of POW James Arthur Kappele

POW camp Stalig Luft One

Jim Kappele flew a "Maurader" plane and was shot down over German and was held in the concentration camp until the end of the was.

Yvonne Denise Catone Email

Name of POW Leo Wolfe

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 5440 Diamondhead Drive East

City, State, Zip Diamondhead, MS 39525

My Father was a S/Sgt ball turret gunner on a B-17. I have no details on where his plane went down. His right arm became entangled in his parachute when he bailed; he suffered a dislocation and broken right arm. He told me he received no medical care but the arm healed, although it was shorter than his left arm and he was never able to fully staighten his lower right arm. I have a picture of some of his POW roommates, but no notation of who they are.
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