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Patrick Reichel Email

Name of POW Fred E. Reichel

POW camp Stalag Luft I

My grandfather, Fred E. Reichel was co-pilot on the B-17F "S for Sugar." He was part of the 8th Air Force, 303rd Bombardment Group, 427th Squadron. He was shot down during the January 11 1944 mission to Oschersleben. He was captured and taken to Stalag Luft I. He never said much about the camp itself to me at least but was always willing to tell the story of how he got there. I miss him dearly, he passed away March 8, 2012.

Matt Email

Name of POW Sgt. ATK O'Brien - S.A.S.

POW camp Stalag I, III, VI, 357

Address Faversham, UK

City, State, Zip ME138TB

Someone, somewhere has the original copy of my grandfathers charge sheet in Stalag I for not shaving. I saw it transcribed on a post but am unable to contact the person. His name is Brian S. That's all I know. The charge was made to Sgt. O'Brien by S/Ldr Hilton 15/02/1944.

Can anyone help me with this? Please email me

john quinlivan Email

Name of POW donald Quinlivan

POW camp iv and vi

Address pob 651

City, State, Zip young nsw australia 2594

my father DR Quinlivan was a POW at these camps after being shot down on a special op from tempsford in 1943. Only 3 survived

roger brooks 

Name of POW raymond samual brooks

POW camp stalag 17

Address 1208 28 th ave

City, State, Zip fairbanks, alaska 99701

looking for more info,

Wallace Vernon Legg 

Name of POW Wallace Legg

POW camp Luft 1

Address 738 SW Myakka River Trace

City, State, Zip Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

My Father, Wallace Legg, was a P47 Thunderbolt pilot in WWII. He was shot down, captured, and sent to Stalag Luft 1 where he was kept until the end of the war. Near the end of the war, Hitler ordered all POWs killed. The commander of Luft 1 refused to follow Hitler's order. My Father's generation, truly was the greatest generation. 

JOanne Lamego Email

Name of POW Vincent J. Pater

POW camp stalag luft 1

My father was shot down over Holland in Sept 1944.  He was liberated and spent 9 months in the prison camp.  He was a navigator in the Air Force.  He unfortunately died in 1986

Margaret Loveless Woda Email

Name of POW Richard Vincent loveless

POW camp Stalagluft 1

Address 24898 Magnolia Circle

City, State, Zip Millsboro, DE 19966

My dad, Richard “Dick” Loveless was the Bomardier on “Slightly Dangerous, a B-17 returning from a failed mission to bomb Stuttgart when his plane was shot down over France. 5 crew members who did not survive are buried near the site of the plane crash, and my dad became a German POW. The French family who rescued and hid him initially contacted my grandmother to let her know he was alive, and our two families have remained friends through the generations. Many of us will attend 75th Anniversary ceremonies at Champigny sur Yonne in September to honor the Crew of Slightly Dangerous. These ceremonies are held annually, and today’s residents (2018) still express gratitude to the American families who attend.

Kristine Schroeder Email

Name of POW Lieut. Robert L Boebel

POW camp Stalag Luft I Barth Germany

Address W4136 Raasschs Hill Rd

City, State, Zip 53032

My father was a B-24 Pilot shot down over Germany April 8th, 1944. He was taken prisoner and transported to Stalag Luft 1 until the Russians liberated them May 8 1945.

Dad was supposed to be part of the Kriegie Kraft Karnival/the POW Exposition that was to tour the US with Col. Greening after the war. The tour never took place. I am wondering what ever happened to the Arts and Krafts the prisoners made that were to be part of that tour. 

Theresa M Jacobsen Email

Name of POW Robert V. Ostheimer

POW camp Stalag Luft III

Address 308 E. Kalamazoo St

City, State, Zip Bloomingdale, MI 49026

Aircraft 42-29859  May 14, 1943 
Cap. W. R. Forsythe - 
Shot down by fighters. Cap. William R. Forsythe (POW),
Lt. R. C. Stewart (POW),
Lt. James T. McDonald (POW),
Lt. Robert V. Ostheimer POW, Survivor
Sgt. Frances M. Daly (POW),
T/Sgt. Wilton A. Wixom (POW),
S/Sgt. Leroy D. Donaldson (KIA),
S/Sgt. Albert L. Jensen (KIA),
Sgt. Thomas P. Culkin (POW),
S/Sgt. Ralph C. Tarr (POW). 

Steven Amar Email

Name of POW Henry R. Amar

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 North 2 - Barrack 9 - Room 3

Address 7409 Cinnabar Terrace

City, State, Zip Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Known as Harry, he was a B-24 Bombardier for the Bomber Group 453. Spent 13 months in the camp. I am his youngest child, with 3 older siblings. Harry passed away on September 18, 2000 in Fort Pierce, FL.

Bruce Zalneraitis 

Name of POW 1st Lt. Vitold Zalneraitis

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Barth-Vogelsang Prussia 54-12

Address 26 Woodland Rdg

City, State, Zip Alfred, ME 04002

My dad, Vitold was B-17 crew member in 487th Bomb Group (H) of the 8th Army Air Force.  On 28th mission out of Lavenham, UK his plane, Heavenly Body(43-38154) was involved in mid-air collision with another B-17 on 30 Sept 1044.  Both planes lost and Lt. Zalneraitis was only survivor in his plane.

Kendall Turnage Email

Name of POW Buford M. Eaves

POW camp Stalag Luft 1, North 1 compound

City, State, Zip Wilmington, NC 28409

My girlfriend's grandfather is Buford M. Eaves, P51B pilot, First POW of the Pioneer Mustangs, 353rd Fighter Squadron. Downed Dec 13, 1943 Ritterhude by another German aircraft while pursuing a Junkers 88. I am also looking for which building he was in in Stalag Luft 1, North 1 Compound.

Danna Gates Beal Email

Name of POW Daniel W. Gates

POW camp Stalug Luft 1

Address 2100 Jones Ave.NE

City, State, Zip Renton, WA 98004

I am the daughter of POW, Daniel W. Gates. He was the pilot of a B-17 shot down on Sept 12, 1944. He was freed on May 5, 1945 when the Russians arrived. My dad is deceased now but I have been researching information about his history. I am very proud of all the American WWII heroes. 

Karen Lynch Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at

Name of POW Orrin Heinrich

POW camp Stalag Luft 1- South Compound- South Barracks 1- Room 6

Address 5091 Clayridge Dr. Apt. 210

City, State, Zip St. Louis, MO. 63129

My grandfather was Orrin H. Heinrich, and I miss him dearly. My grandmother, Charlotte Heinrich, is still living, however, sadly, my grandfather passed away several years ago (actually, in the early 2000s, I believe. I miss him very much, and I am so proud to be his (and her) granddaughter. He will always be missed.

John M Connor Jr Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Sending further information

Name of POW Lt John M Cnnnor

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 - Barth, Germany

Address 6315 Bresslyn Road

City, State, Zip Nashville, TN 37205

My Dad was a B-17 pilot and was shot down on March 23, 1945 - he arrived in Barth on April 6, 1945 about 5 weeks prior to liberation.  He was in North-3, Block-9, Room-6.  His POW number was #8121.  I have emailed a copy of his writings about his experience, a list of people he met/roomed with at camp, etc.

Chris Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at no information

Name of POW Robert Eugene Swanson

POW camp Luft Stalog IV

Address 554 North Park Avenue

City, State, Zip Shelley, Idaho 83274

My father bailed out of his B25 bomber in August of 1944 over Northern Germany/Poland. was part of the Great March from February until liberated in May 1945. Any information would be appreciated.

Robert Martin 

Name of POW A.L. Martin

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 2801 Ames Avenue

City, State, Zip Ponca City, OK 74604

My father, Lt. A.L. Martin was a B-17 pilot, shot down, captured and spent the remainder of WW11 in Stalag Luft 1, a POW camp up in northern Germany by the Baltic Sea, I believe.  I think he was stationed in Italy at the time of his capture. He survived the war and came back to the U.S. and got married and had 2 sons and a career with Reynolds Aluminum.  Unfortunately he died of lung cancer, in his 50's. I am the last remaining member of the family and am currently in my mid 60's. Like a lot of other vets, he did not talk a whole lot about his war experiences, so I don't have a lot of stories.   

George Waldroup Email

Name of POW Marvin M. Waldroup Jr.

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Responding to 10/20/08 post by Melanie Martin:

CPT: Marvin M. Waldroup was my father; was repatriated at the end of WWII.

I would be interested in any information you may have about him.


COL (Ret) George M. Waldroup

Kevin Gault Email

Address 202 E. Pecan Street

City, State, Zip Taylor, Texas 76574

I have a copy of this rare book. I've noticed several names from Williamson County Texas. If anyone is interested in viewing please contact me.

Della Grandon Mullineaux Email

Name of POW David Preston Grandon

POW camp North 1, Stalag Luft 1

Address 1895 forest Ridge Rd

City, State, Zip St. charles, IL 60174

My father, David Grandon, was a navigator on a bomber that was shot down. I think all but my dad and another were killed or got away. Does anyone know my dad ? He passed away several years ago.


You're site is a fascinating look into the almost daily lives of WW2 POWs. I found the camp dispatches by Lt. Col. Ross interesting and was startled by the rapid decline of food and supplies towards the end of the war.

I've spent hours here just engrossed. Thank you and thank you to family members for sharing this peek into a little know portion of the saga of the war.

Deborah H. Davis Email

Name of POW Sumner R. Davis

POW camp Stalag Luft I, South Compound, Block 3, Room 9

Address 6509 Katson Avenue NE

City, State, Zip Albuquerque, NM 87109

I have written a book on my father's military experiences.  I believe he was the only Navy airman at Stalag Luft I.  He flew off the USS Ranger, and was shot down in an Allied attack on Nazi-occupied Norway.  He would joke that he got along great with all those Air Force guys, but he sure got tired of explaining what a Navy pilot was doing in Germany.  I have read many books written by other prisoners at Stalag Luft I, and have tried to capture their collective experiences in the book.  My father always said that there was a lot of talents and abilities in the growing population at the camp, and it seems to have been the case!  I am so impressed with that generation, and all they accomplished and sacrificed.

David Logan Email

Name of POW sgt.Clinton Dale Logan

POW camp stalag 16

My uncle was a POW. He was shot down in a B-17 on November 26 1943 and spent 16 months in stalag 17. May god rest his humble heroic sole. Along with, likely, the 10 men that were shot down with him. The greatest generation will live forever in our hearts and this great nation.

Archie B. Aitcheson 

Name of POW Archie Aitcheson

POW camp Stalag Luft IV Lager C

Address 41881 Niblick Road

City, State, Zip Temecula, CA 92591-3924

I am currently writing a book of my father's time at Lager C in Stalag Luft IV.  I am looking for a list of Lager C roommates, information about the Nazi staff and guards, and photos.  Dad is still living as of 9/27/2017 and has provided a wonderful narrative of the death march, but his memories of the camp are limited.

Folmer Christensen Email

Name of POW Vernon O. Christensen

POW camp Stalag Luft 4

Address 40396 North Orkney WAy

City, State, Zip San Tan Valley Az 85140

My father past away in 2012 but he completed the "Black March" liberated by the 104 Timberwolf Division. His buddy on the March was Norman Bunny from 8th Air Force. My dad was out of Venosa, Italy flying 50th mission over Monowice (Auscwitz) 15 th AF 485th 831 sad 55 air wing. Please let me know if anyone knew him. The other 4 survivors were interned at Stalag Luft 1, George Winter, Irving Paul Canin, Frank Pratt and Dan Blodgett.

Diana Mickelson Email

Name of POW Henry B. Mickelson

POW camp Stalag Luft I North 2 Barrack 8 Room 3

Address Box 122

City, State, Zip Mansfield, WA 98830

As many have found, the loved one in this camp didn't say much about it after they came home.  We knew very little about my husband, Jim's, dad's time as a pow.  After both parents were gone, we were cleaning out trunks and boxes and found so many letters, artifacts, and information from Dad's time.  Based on that, I found this site while researching.  Are you still putting things on the site or is it no longer being added to?  I have a statement Dad made to the Air Force while seeking a promotion that has some interesting information about what they were doing in the camp and would love to share it.

Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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Margaret Warner Wilkins Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at South-Barrack 1-Room 10

Name of POW Lt Robert L Warner

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 4708 S 43rd St

City, State, Zip Lincoln NE 68516

Robert was my Dad. Retired Air Force Lt Col.
died May 10, 1993, Centerville Ohio.

Ann Vevier Lockwood Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at Henry Bengis

Name of POW Charles Vevier

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 Barth Germany

Address 1211 Wilderness Drive

City, State, Zip Austin, Texas 78746

My Dad, 2d. Lt. Charles Vevier of the Bronx, New York was a bombardier in the 525th Squadron of the 379th Bomb Group -- the 8th Air Force.  He was stationed in Kimbolton, England and assigned to a makeshift 9 member crew, not his regular crew, for a bombing run over Eisenach, Germany when his B-17G bomber plane was shot down by enemy flak west of the Rhine River on September 11, 1944.  He was 19-20 years old.  A family relative was doing some research and discovered the Missing Air Crew Report -- the source of some of this information.  From there, I found your wonderful website. My Dad was a POW until the liberation of Stalag Luft 1 by the Russians in May, 1945.  He did not speak much about his military service or especially his time as a POW although he did mention Henry Bengis who I believe he may have communicated with towards the end of his life.  My Dad passed away in 1995  after a distinguished career as a university professor and administrator.  His wife Marcia, his three children Ann (myself), Ellen and John and his grandchildren Charlie (his namesake) and Steven all miss him to this day.  We do not have many details about his barracks assignment or his time in the POW camp and only learned of his assignment to the North 1 compound through your website.  We would be grateful for any information anyone may have to fill in the details of my Dad's service.  To all the brave men of the Greatest Generation and their families ... our love and respect.

Susan Hartnett 

Name of POW John L Hartnett

POW camp Stalag Luft 1, North 3, Barracks 305, room 3

Address 425 S Baldwin Ave Apt B

City, State, Zip Arcadia, CA 91007

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the young men of our "Greatest Generation", who gave us the world we have today! God bless them all.

Dorothy Jacobs,Philip C. Olsen 

Name of POW Charles P. Olsen (nickname Phil, Red)

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 1402 Stoeber Ave

City, State, Zip Sarasota Fl 34232

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew our father.

Susanne Meinl  Email

Seeking the roommates of Robert L. Zahradnik, Richard C. Travers and gerald R. Walter, Gross-Tychow. or men who were on the "Black March" with them.

Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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julie kershaw Email

Name of POW Harry G Johnson

POW camp Stalag 5a Malschbach Wurtemberg 49-09

Address 2165 welch ave

City, State, Zip charleston sc 29412

Harry was my Uncle. I'm not sure what part of the camp he was in, but I'm researching that now. If anyone has any information I would love to hear about it. He was from Parsons WV Also lived in Baltimore after he returned home. His nickname was 'Bud' I have a copy of is Identity card for ex-prisoner of war.
thank you julie

Laura Murphy Email

Name of POW Clarence Murphy

POW camp Stalag Luft 1 south camp

Looking for more information on my Dad and his time in this camp. Thanks.

Rita Cummins Email

Name of POW Robert J. Thiefels

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 15820 E., Broken it Rd

City, State, Zip Mayer, Az. 86333

Robert Thiefels was my first husband.  He became an architect and passed away in 1971.   He has one living daughter and three grandsons.

julius fazekas 

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at no

Name of POW Lt. William Tate

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

City, State, Zip Tn

Recently read a group of WWII letters from the Tate family and friends. Details Bill's decision to enlist up to the point that he is released. There was enough details to make me curious to see what else I could find out about him. Many thanks to all those who have shared and worked on the various sites related to American service members and their experiences.

Joe Tiboni Email

Name of POW Phillip H. Dunn

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 512 Spring

City, State, Zip Ann Arbor, MI, 48103

Thank you.

Jim Knoepffler  

Name of POW Lt. Paul E. Sundheim

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 799 Newcomb Road

City, State, Zip Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Enjoyed reading Lt Neuwirth's happens Paul Sundheim was my next door neighbor who he taught to use the Neubin system to play bridge and win the camp championship kid had no idea that Paul's enjoyment of playing bridge was connected to his POW days......he rarely spoke of his POW experience...remember how fascinating it was to my brother and myself when he did share the time after his P-51 was shot down over Holland and he was trying to hide when all of sudden German soldiers were pointing guns at him....also got the impression he went through a rough interrogation process prior to arrival at the camp...Uncle Paul as we called him was a great neighbor...the other interesting thing was a guy named William (Bill) Friedberg ran a store in next town over  (I grew up in Bayport, NY) was also in the same camp and think was housed in same part of camp...they recognized each other about 20 years later!

Lori E. Cole Email

Name of POW Harry I. Kantor

Address 1619 Northfield Rd.

City, State, Zip Northfield, ME 04654

Not sure Hal was in Stalag Luft 1; however, one of the guys on his plane (which went down over Twirstringen 12/31/44) is listed as having been there, so it seems likely.  Would love confirmation.  He would have been there through May '45.

Donna J Smith Email

Name of POW Lt John E. Smith-Pilot

POW camp Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany

Address 2401 Deermouse Way

City, State, Zip Hendersonville, NC 28792

My father Lt John E. Smith was in the South Compound, Barrack 4, Room 24 and then North Compound I, Barrack 1, Room 14. His roommates are listed in his Red Cross Journal and I emailed their names. One of his roommates in the South Compound was Lr Linn C. Stuckenbruck who had taken color photos of the camp. The color photos by him are on this website and I just found my father in one of the photos. There's a photo of 4 men standing side by side in the camp and my father John E. Smith is the 2nd from the right with his hands in his pocket. Imagine my excitement in finding this photo and recognizing him right away. My Dad would have been thrilled. He always spoke fondly of his friends and roommates in the camp. What honorable men they all were. I'm grateful for all of the hard work the people maintaining this site have done.

Gregory Abel Email

Name of POW Richard Abel

POW camp Stalag Luft 4

Address 212 S 2nd St

City, State, Zip Farmersburg , IN

My father and me talked a lot about his time as a POW . Dad passed has passed away but I hope these men are never forgotten .

Donna J. Smith  Email

Name of POW 2nd Lt John E. Smith

POW camp Stalag I, Barth, Germany

Address 2401 Deermouse Way

City, State, Zip Hendersonville, NC 28792

My father 2nd Lt John E. Smith was the co-pilot of a B-25 Bomber and was shot down during a mission on November 17, 1943 over Kalamaki Aerodrome, Athens, Greece. Only he and the Pilot, John D. O'Leary survived. The 4 other crew members were killed at the time of impact. I recently found the declassified daily logs for the 340th Bombardment Group, 486th squadron which gave the story of my father's capture. The Greek Underground found the pilot and my father who was wounded. Since my father was wounded they allowed him to be captured by the Germans so he could receive medical care. The pilot was taken away by the Greek Underground and it took 2 months before he returned to base to give an accounting of the mission, all of the crew had been designated as Missing In Action. My mother received her first telegram from the War Department in December,1943 and the next telegram was on January 4, 1944 stating he was a POW. He remained a POW until May 1, 1945 when the camp was liberated and then was sent to Camp Lucky Strike in Le Havre, France. He was returned home to NY on June 22, 1945. My father had been assigned to the North Compound at Stalag I. He like so many others didn't talk much about what it was like at the camp but one time he did speak at a family occasion what it was like to be gliding down in a parachute, wounded and German planes surrounding him and waiting for them to open fire. I have quite a few of the War Department Telegrams, his letters between him and my Mom and other family members. They offer a glimpse into the history of the world at war and the honor these men carried with them. Many of the letters are heartbreaking and you almost feel guilty for reading such private thoughts. He didn't write very much in the journal provided by the Rec Cross and I now wonder why. There are so many questions I wish I had asked. One of the things he saved was a single "Red Poppy", it's pressed dry in a white envelope upon which he had printed "Flanders Field, France". I can close my eyes and picture him as a young but weary man standing in a field of Red Poppies and looking out to sea towards home, knowing he was free and should soon be back with his wife and family. He had survived when so many of his friends hadn't. My family had many career military and it has been an honor to have known them all. They sacrificed much for us.

Jeanette Feeney Email

Name of POW Paul D. Guiteras

POW camp Stalag Luft 3

Address 168 N. Ivy Ave

City, State, Zip Monrovia, CA 91016

My Uncle, Paul D. Guiteras is listed in stalag Luft 3.  He was a  bombadiar with the 85th bomb group.He was shot down over Munster Oct. 10 1943.  POW for 21 months.. I am just starting to piece together his history.  I see that Bill Guiteras my cousin has posted in 2000.     thought I would also to see if new information or more information may come forth.  <3

Sally E Cooney Email

Name of POW George Evens

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Block II - Room 11

Not sure whether you're looking for my address or my father's address.  He was originally from Hadley, New York.

Valerie Lemanski Holley Email

Name of POW 1st Lt Richard F. lemanski

POW camp Stalag Luft 1

Address 8506 Wilding Ct

City, State, Zip Tampa Fl 33634


Valerie Lemanski Holley Email

Do you have a roommate listing? If so please email to us at 1st. Lt Richard F.Llemanski 800904

Name of POW 1st. Lt Richard F. Lemanski

POW camp Stalag Luft I

Address 8506 Wilding

City, State, Zip Tampa Fl 33634


1st. Lt Richard F. Lemanski
Completed 11 missions to Ludwigshaven, Brunswick, Wilhelmshaven, Frankfort, Rostock, Poznan, Belgium, French and Polish objectives. Shot down by ME 109s on the mission to Berlin on 8 March 1944 in B-17 #4231576. Spent 20th and 21st birthdays and fourteen months as a Prisoner of War (POW) in Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany. Was the youngest pilot in the 96th Bomb Group and probably in the 8th AF. Although some seriously injured, all crew members survived to return home safely. Crew was credited with many fighter kills.

Richard M. Connelly Email

Name of POW Claude B. Connelly

POW camp Stalag IIB and Arbeitskommando

City, State, Zip Minnesota

My father served with the 45th Infantry Division, 180th Regiment, Co., G and was captured on February 19, 1944 at Anzio after being knocked on conscious from artillery fire.  He was transported north at first to Stalag VIIA and then by April he was transported to Stalag IIB in Hammerstein, Pomerania and then to an Arbeitskommando in the small hamlet of Hasseln with other American POW's...named Ranger Joe Bero, Joe Schumer and John Scalise, all of which had been captured in the Italian campaign.  In January of 1945 they marched in subzero weather in blizzards from Pomerania to Stettin, then crossed the Oder River and marched through Waren, Neubrandenburg and eventually to Lauenburg on the Elbe where the 82nd Airborne Division was along with some British units. I have more details from my talks with my dad and his friends.  If anyone has more interest feel free to write me. 

Margaret HENIGMAN 

Name of POW Clarence Frank Henigman

POW camp Stalag Luft 3

City, State, Zip B.C. Canada

Looking for any living ex-prisoners oof war or records of Stalag Luft 3 from 1942 until liberation, who may have known my dad.

Shauna MacLeod Email

Name of POW H.M. MacLeod

POW camp Stallag Luft 1

My Grandfather, Harold M. MacLeod was in Stallag Luft 1 South Barrack 10 Room 13 at the end of WW II.

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